Meet Our Artists

Yura Lytkin

Acoustic performer

Yura Lytkin is an acoustic music enthusiast and performer. He mostly plays the mandolin, but also enjoys playing the guitar and other acoustic instruments. The mandolin is generally perceived as an instrument with the American roots and bluegrass music, but it is also commonly used various other genres, such as classical music, jazz, etc. Yura uses it to play anything he desires, starting from baroque to modern indie music, as well as some original works.

«I initially bought the NV TONE Internal microphone system to use it with my Gibson acoustic guitar. But at roughly the same time I started getting into playing the mandolin. I tried to use the microphone with my mandolin and fell in love with it. It’s a very convenient mic to use live sessions as well as in the studio. It gives me a really clear and natural tone of the instrument and captures as little external noise as possible at the same time. In live situations, I mostly use it combined with a piezo pickup.»

Marina Krupkina

Decacorde performer

Marina Krupkina is a performer on decacorde (ten-string guitar), composer, and arranger. Decadorde is a very special kind of guitar. Its additional strings expand the capabilities of the instrument and enrich the sound with new overtones, and low basses, giving it the special depth and warmth. Original modern music, as well as arrangements for a ten-string guitar, are created and performed by Marina herself. The light eclecticism of her style reflects the essence of the decacorde and connects the classical roots of ten strings guitar, which dates back to the 18th century, with modern guitar tendencies.

«I was looking for the microphone-pickup for live performances for a long time. The main factor was that I did not want to violate an integrity of my beloved guitar body by creating an additional hole. NV TONE Mic turned out to be an ideal solution for me - it is mounted inside the case with dual-lock tape, has a flexible gooseneck microphone, can be removed easily, and overall sounds amazing. I use this microphone not only at my concerts but also in the studio recordings. It is interesting to combine the sound of conventional microphones and a microphone that captures the sound right from the inside of the guitar.»

Max Yarushkin

Fingerstyle player

Maksim Yarushkin is a fingerstyle guitar player. He is a part of the famous guitar project known as «Yarushkin and Aksenov», which won Art&Music competition in 2013, as well as «Fancy Days» duo. In daily life, Maskim is a private guitar teacher, writes various musical arrangements. He is known as the founder of YouTube-channel and online guitar classes «GoFingerstyle».

«I have a rich history with NV TONE Corporation I used the previous device MicMe before Model Duo got released. I found Model Duo to be more convenient than the successor, which is not surprising. This preamplifier is magical! Its amazing design is combined with high functionality, allowing me to plug in my magnetic pickup, and charge the battery at the same time! It is great that I can forget about constantly buying batteries! And the microphone’s visual design is practical for capturing the native guitar sound. When I combine it with my recorder, I can have the have the portable studio for my own use! Thank you, guys!»

Tony Polecastro

Guitar gear review

Tony Polecastro is a musician and guitar instructor based in Bozeman, Montana. He is Co-Founder of Acoustic Life, Inc and Creator of Tony's Acoustic Challenge, an acoustic guitar program like you've never seen before. Tony has reviewed over 500 acoustic guitars and has interviewed acoustic guitar giants such as Tommy Emmanuel, Pete Huttlinger and Charlie Parr. Tony spends his time uniting guitar geeks all over the world with his world class online guitar programs, weekly YouTube Show Acoustic Tuesday, his annual Acoustic Life Festival held in Bozeman Montana and his support of Guitars 4 Vets and all acoustic guitarists everywhere.

«I had never heard of NV Tone before, but I am extremely happy I know about them now!!! The Model Duo is a treat to play through. The internal mic is aesthetically beautiful, but it's functionality is what really shines; it accurately represents my guitar without any sonic oddities that I have experienced with other internal mics. The Model Duo preamp really completes this system as it offers flexibility in two ways: 1.) The eq is a breeze to use and very effective making tone shaping very easy 2.) The second input is an added treat since it provides access to mixing two pickup signals quite easily. Lastly, the ability to recharge the preamp is ingenious as it removes the hassle of changing out batteries. All in all this system has made plugging in my acoustic guitar a truly joyful experience.»

Dave Tran

Owner of GuitarZero2Hero

Dave Tran is a guitarist, songwriter, and founder of the successful Guitar tutorial YouTube channel, GuitarZero2Hero. Picking up the guitar at the age of 13, Dave played in several bands varying in genre from metal, pop rock and acoustic and has been fortunate enough to have toured the world playing & recording original music. His current musical projects include Maefire and The Native Architects which boast a cult following on Spotify with hundreds of thousands of streams. Dave considers himself as an all-rounder guitarist with a love for all genres and is passionate about helping others enjoy playing the guitar as much as he does. With over 315,000 YouTube subscribers Dave now considers himself the luckiest guy in the world to be able to teach guitar to people around the world for a living.

«The NV Tone is an awesome solution for guitarists out there who want a clean and crisp way of recording their acoustic guitar. The dual channel mixer on the model duo makes it super flexible to mix in your regular pickup with the internal mic. Can’t wait to write and record some new tunes with the model duo!»

Marco Cirillo

Percussive fingerstyle performer

Marco Cirillo is the creator and owner of both BlitzGuitar Youtube channel and website, which is focused on teaching people how to play acoustic guitar. It explores fingerstyle guitar playing, music theory, various guitar performing techniques and mentorship.

«The mic itself makes a beautiful sound without the additional need for adjusting... They even have batteries in here.»

Oleg Tregubov

Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist

Oleg is the fingerstyle-guitarist, composer, Instagram influencer, and private guitar teacher. At the present moment, he is working on the first instrumental album.

«I am extremely happy with the purchase of NV TONE Mic. The key features for me were the clearness and naturalistic features of outgoing sound. It becomes even more juicy and full of volume when combined with piezo. I was able to record a professional quality sound while staying in my own home, which cannot make me happy enough.»

Alex Dovgal

Fingerstyle Cover Performer

Alexandr Dovgal is the fingerstyle-guitarist and composer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is the participant of Sunshine cover project, and his own project by the name «Lilovy». Currently, he is working on his another solo-project based on covers in fingerstyle manner.

«I had a bunch of opportunities to try out various electronic devices for acoustic guitars of the different financial segments. I had tested everything - starting with cheap and ending with costly devices. My search for the «distinct» sound had lasted for two years. However, when I tried to install Mic-pickup from NV TONE I understood - this is what I have been searching for. This microphone does a great job at picking up the naturalistic timbre of my guitar. It is to no difference whether I playing on stage, or record in the studio - I can always count on consistent amazing sound!»

Alex Nevolin

Acoustic Performer

Alex Nevolin is a guitarist performing with acoustic and electronic music. Alex performs in Russia and Western Europe using fingerstyle. In his art, he uses different types of guitars but the acoustic and classical guitar play the main role. These instruments need a special approach to use them on the scene and especially to achieve good quality sound.

«In my practice, I’ve had to look for many different ways to work with the sound, the size and quantity of technical devices usually making it uncomfortable. But after discovering the NV TONE Microphone those problems were left behind! It’s a very compact device that you can just put in the pocket. Now I only use this device on the scene – it makes my sound incredibly alive. Professional musicians are always asking me at repetitions or after concerts: how did you manage to tune your sound, what do you use? The secret is using the NV TONE Mic, set up inside your instrument! Nowadays performing music is not only about knowing how to play, but also about understanding the quality your listeners want to hear – because we mostly listen to high-quality studio sounds, but on the live scene we many times hear something completely different».